New Hampshire takes monthly spending reports online

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has announced that he’ll be putting the state’s monthly spending reports online as part of the administration’s continuing efforts to provide greater transparency.   The reports will be published on a new website that will also include other state financial information such as budgetary items and revenue reports.

Over the last year, New Hampshire has started a large scale technology upgrade with the aim of improving the state’s ability to track and report spending. The Governor’s plan will take this updated information and post it online continuously.  The Governor also has plans to measure the website’s activity and feedback in order to make improvements over the next several months.

According to the announcement on the new site, the state also has plans to launch a “full state transparency Web site with more access to spending data, state employee salaries, and budget summaries.”  Most of the data available is presented in PDF’s with a few Excel spreadsheets.  The data itself is either posted directly on the site or a link is posted that point’s you to another agency/office site with the information.

“I am committed to improving the transparency and accountability of state government, and bringing greater efficiency to the way the state does business. Creating these spending reports, and posting them online is an important step in that ongoing effort,” Governor Lynch said.

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