Rocstor offers govt’s the “Gucci of hard drives”

Digital security is always at the top of the priority list for public sector officials. Rocstor a California-based company is hoping to help governments manage their digital security, encryption and data storage with several product lines launched earlier this year. CivSource spoke with Rocstor Director, Ghadoushi Asher and VP of sales Anthony Rink about Rocstor’s solutions and the security industry.

Asher is the first to tell you that his industry is a tricky one for both providers and customers. “People claim full security on their products but inevitably, there are back doors either known or unknown.” Often, security can seem like an unwinnable arms race – the minute a system is installed or upgraded new threats are already in the wild.

According to Asher, Rocstor has been able to combat this through their rigorous testing process and best-in-class security requirements resulting in “the Gucci of hard drives.” He pointed to the company’s Rocsafe MX, the world’s first Encrypted AES-256 Secure Data Storage hard drive a drive that offers FIPS-L2 and L3 Smartcard Protection.

The MX is designed to offer its users a mobile hard drive with military grade encryption. The MX uses both real-time hardware encryption and smartcard authentication, is OS agnostic and requires no software installation. As part of its design the hard drive has an embedded keypad which allows you to key your PIN directly into the unit, which allows users safety from keyloggers.

Data on the MX is stored in a SATA hard disk drive and is designed to plug in without mounting. Pre-boot authentication also puts the device in compliance with Sarbames Oaxley, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leach-Billey (GLB). Asher noted that using the MX allows users to have the hard drive they need without being vulnerable by using unsecured desktop or laptop when out from behind the firewall.

Asher and Rink both noted that the company designed its products to meet the needs of its customers regardless of what kind of system they have. For governments that may be working with several different manufacturers or systems, which can be beneficial because they can start using Rocstor without having to overhaul their current set up. “Our government clients find value in getting the security they need immediately,” Asher said.

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