Maryland gets first of its kind interactive tourism map

On Friday, Maryland announced the launch of a first of its kind interactive map that helps users plan trips by highlighting tourism throughout the state. Users that to go the Visit Maryland Map will be able to search through the states natural, cultural, historical and recreation spots to plan their trips.

The map was developed through a collaboration between the Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) and the Department of Planning (MDP). The map is inspired by the broad array of tools offered by the state that use mapping technology from Arc GIS like Greenprint and Agprint, to pull in state data and create a rich consumer experience. The platform provides one place to see the various systems of assets layer and inter-relate, and provides a virtual touring map of Maryland.

The map’s creators also have plans for future phases that will include features like printable maps, point-to-point directions and street view capabilities. Right now users will be able to see areas like scenic byways, historic districts, museums and parks.

“Maryland has wisely invested in its arts, cultural, heritage, natural and recreational infrastructure through state-funded programs like Maryland Heritage Areas, Maryland Byways, Main Streets and Arts and Entertainment Districts, which significantly enhance our quality of life and attract visitors who support our booming tourism economy,” said Governor O’Malley. “Promoting these assets to the consumer, both Maryland residents and visitors, is a priority.”

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