Michigan becomes “world capital” of advanced battery production

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm announced in her weekly radio address that the state is becoming a “world capital” for advanced battery production.  The company LG Chem recently broke ground on the construction of a new battery manufacturing plant there, adding to the $5.8 billion capital investment that the state already has in batteries.  Currently Michigan has 16 advanced battery companies building factories there, which are projected to create nearly 62,000 jobs.

LG Chem is one of the worlds largest producers of advanced chemicals and is also a supplier of lithium-ion batteries.  Another company TSC Michigan, a subsidary of Techno SemiChem also started construction this week.  TSC Michigan will be developing advanced electrolyte materials, one of the main components of lithium-ion batteries.

In her weekly radio address, the Governor said that Michigan intends to work toward diversifying its economy through the development of new industries like batteries.  The Governor also noted that she intends for the state to be a center of electric vehicle production, and that advanced battery production will be a key part of that plan.  Michigan is currently the only state with battery credits.  Additionally, the industry has seen support from the Department of Energy which awarded more than $1.35 billion in grants to 12 energy projects in the state.

The Governor also plans to move beyond manufacture and target suppliers like TSC Michigan. TSC plans to set up its North American headquarters in the state.  The state will also be supporting several education iniatives to provide training for these new jobs.

“Through our diversification and education initiatives, we’ve laid a foundation for the new Michigan economy,” Granholm said. “We’ve put in place the best policies to promote long-term economic health. A brighter future for Michigan requires that we continue moving forward on this path.”