Dell ramps up state healthcare practice

In response to federal healthcare reform legislation, Dell Services announced the launch of a new practice area meant to help states deal with the law’s regulatory requirements. The new practice will be lead by Melissa Boudreault, one of the architects of Massachusetts Commonwealth Care Health Plan.

In an announcement last week, Dell said they will leverage their expertise in the health IT, insurance and government sectors to address emerging challenges facing state governments. One of the key provisions of the new law is a regulated health insurance exchange, similar to the model pioneered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With its acquisition of Perot Systems, Dell inherited one of the principal IT providers to Health Connector and are now touting that project to other states looking to set up the same kind of exchange.

In 2006, Massachusetts chose Perot Systems, aquired by Dell last year, to operate the IT infrastructure and manage the member support call centers, which handle 40,000 calls per month in multiple languages. The company also handles the work flow management system, knowledge-based management system, billing system, as well as handles the Web site front-end and runs the interface for the state’s management information system (MIS), with their billing system sending out 60,000 invoices every month.

According to Dell practice leader Melissa Boudreault, the company will take the success of Connector to other states who are looking to manage an influx of new Medicaid requirements.

“Dell is already providing consulting services to several states, and we look forward to putting our expertise in providing solutions to the nation’s only state insurance exchange, as well as our experience supporting the healthcare and government industries, to work for other states,” Boudreault said in a statement.

Dell State Health Services will help states by providing readiness assessment and consulting services, as well as providing proven and cost-effective technology and business solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the new healthcare requirements placed on states, the company said. Beyond Medicaid expansion efforts, Dell will look to help states with billing, enrollment, and call center operations.

“States are facing a variety of complex decisions as they seek to meet the requirements of healthcare reform legislation, while also addressing the specific needs of their constituents in an affordable and effective manner,” Ms. Boudreault continued.

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