Idaho tries to take business from other states with new website

Idaho is launching a campaign to attract companies from other states with a new website called Just Make The Shift that encourages companies to think about expanding or relocating to Idaho. The site is the result of what Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter calls anti-business tax increases in neighboring states.

“Just Make The Shift” offers cost comparisons between Idaho and nearby states including California, Oregon and Washington. As well as testimonials from companies that have moved to the state. Just Make The Shift is also on Facebook, and is inviting users to share thoughts and experiences about moving to Idaho.

“State governments across the country are dealing with the continuing national recession in different ways,” Governor Otter said. “In Idaho, our focus is on stability. Predictable tax and regulatory policies are what our employers need in order to maintain their operations through this rough patch and create new career-path employment opportunities, and it’s what employers elsewhere are looking for when they consider expanding or relocating.”

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