Governors look to leverage tech for general government services, report says

According to a recent report by INPUT, a government business research firm, governors across the US are planning to streamline their general government services. Specifically, they will be in need of technology solutions that can help generate revenue, the report says, and track the states’ jobs picture.

The INPUT report, “State of the States 2010: Initiatives and IT Implications” was compiled by analyzing governors’ state of the state speeches against historical and projected funding levels. The report concludes that governors will try to bolster their budgets by promoting economic development-related activities and incentives. For those looking to tap into business opportunities on the state and local landscape, INPUT’s Chris Dixon says solutions that provide income-generation have a good chance of getting noticed.

“States need financial systems that can administer an ever-changing array of tax incentives for businesses, and monitor job-related programs,” the State and Local Government manager at INPUT said. “These include software and hardware solutions that support targeted funding programs intended to create jobs, match workers with jobs, and track the return on investment based on the number of jobs created.”

Part of these solutions will have to focus on consolidation and modernization across state and local agencies. Among the policy areas most likely to be affected by gubernatorial priorities include

  • Economic Development/Regulation
  • General Government Services
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Public Finance
  • Justice/Public Safety
  • Health Care
  • Social Services
  • Higher Education
  • Natural Resources/Environment
  • Transportation
  • Community Development
  • Homeland Security

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