Design For America winners announced at Gov 2.0 Expo

In March, Sunlight Labs announced their “Design for America” contest, a 10 week design and data visualization competition meant to get the design community working with government data. The contest winners listed here were announced this evening at Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, DC.

There were eight categories and each winner will get a $5000.00 prize. The winners are listed below and we’ve included visuals where we could find them:

Website Redesign:
The website redesign of proposed in the contest would provide all the data needed to get a full accounting of your tax bill in one place and with an elegant presentation.

Best Use of Sunlight Data: Cool Kids @ The White House & Who Paid Them?

This category was a tie between two projects:
“Cool Kids @ The White House” provides information of the names of people who visit the white house and what they are connected to.

“WhoPaidThem” offers a series of graphs and lists and asks people to make educated guesses about how funding is distributed, then compare their guesses with reality.

Best Visualization of Senate Floor Procedures: What is the Senate?

“What is the Senate?” Offers a fully illustrated manual of senate floor procedures in an elegant, easy to understand design.

Best Visualization of How a Bill Becomes a Law: How Our Laws are Made

“How Our Laws are Made” is an infographic showing the entire process of how a bill becomes a law, including everything from lobbyists to committees.

Best Redesign of a Government Form: Passport Form

An clean and inviting redesign of the US Passport Form.

Best Visualization of Community Health Data: County Sin Rankings

Find out how your county ranks according to the level of sinning that goes on.

Best Visualization of Data: Which Congressional Districts Are Getting the Money?

This project outlines the various lenses that you can use to view the data on including which congressional districts are getting the money.

Best Visualization of Data: US Federal Spending Compared to Media Coverage of Each Agency

An infographic showing US federal spending compared to media coverage of each federal agency.

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