NY Governor launches new blog to answer taxpayers questions, concerns

New York Governor Patterson, has announced the launch of its “Straight Talk, Straight Answers” blog where the Governor, and senior administration officials will answer questions, concerns and suggestions posted by New Yorkers. The blog will provide answers to postings on the “Straight Talk from the Taxpayer” IdeaScale site which is currently accepting submissions from New Yorkers.

Like the other IdeaScale sites before it, users will be able to post and vote on ideas, questions and concerns about all things government related in the state. The Governor has already started responding to the postings with information about state law, state cars, and whether or not city employees should shut off the lights at Empire State Plaza when they leave for the evening.

“My staff and I will continue to monitor these ideas and will now be able to respond with information and answers. These new interactive features will be invaluable as we continue to make government more open and accountable to all New Yorkers,” Governor Paterson said.

In the two weeks since this site became active, 305 ideas were submitted, 765 comments have been posted, over 20,000 votes have been cast and 1,267 individuals have signed up.

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