Nevada Governor sets up “constitution defense fund”

Last Thursday, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons set up a “constitution defense fund,” offering a new twist in the ways states are going after the health care bill. According to the release, the Governor received “numerous inquiries from citizens wishing to assist in the Governor’s fight against the Reid/Pelosi/Obama Nationalized Health Care Plan.”

The fund is being created by Special Counsel Mark Hutchison, “and several other attorneys {who} are working without compensation to assist Governor Gibbons. The release also notes that the legal costs will be shared with other states choosing to participate (approx. $3500) and that the Governor feels the cost will save Nevada taxpayers over the long term.

The fund comes on the heels of an earlier Executive Order which announced Nevada’s opposition and appointed Mark Hutchison from the Las Vegas law firm of Hutchison & Steffen as Special Legal Counsel to the Governor in charge with leading Nevada’s legal fight against the law. According to the Governor, “the best way to get someone good health insurance is to get them a good job.”

Other states have announced similar opposition actions, including the well publicized lawsuit by the Attorneys General of 19 states contesting items in the law. Additionally, John Oxendine, Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner sent a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius indicating that Georgia will not participate in the insurance pool for high-risk individuals citing state sovereignty.

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