Cybersecurity, threats highlighted at FOSE

FOSE is open today and tomorrow at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. The conference is focused on cybersecurity issues facing the public sector and what it means for protection against threats, cloud computing and new open government directives. CivSource is there covering all of the action and had a chance to speak with Chad Loeven, VP and General Manager at SunbeltLabs about the issues governments of all sizes face when managing their cybersecurity.

According to Loeven, malware hidden inside intellectual property is one of the fastest growing threats faced by governments. This type of malware can take on many forms – in one incident Loeven cited, the malware can be embedded inside a seemingly normal looking document and spread through systems as the document is passed around. Sunbelt is working with groups inside federal, state and local governments to help them manage their security and automate system/document scanning.

Loeven noted the ever expanding pool of cyber threats faced by government, and the challenges they create for Sunbelt and companies like his as they work to build tools to defend against the attacks. “For every new safeguard there is a new attack, they’re always going to find the hole in the fence.”

The public sector, for its part is working to increase their security despite budget restraints. Loeven pointed to the higher level of safety in the .gov domains as well as awareness and accountability in the public sector. He was also quick to point out however, that keeping these safeguards in the public sector only does so much, “the .com domains are still the wild west. We could do more to increase the accountability required of people who hold a .com domain which is almost nothing now.”

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