Attensity offers to listen for governments, law enforcement

Attensity, a semantic analysis company, recently announced its Attensity Analyze for VOC product. The product aggregates and analyzes text based customer communications including emails, web forums, surveys, CRM notes, social media and other sources into a native dashboard offering sentiments and trends or, “voice of the customer.”

The product is the flagship in a suite of tools offered by Attensity that employs their LARA (listen, analyze, relate, act) business analysis methodology, allowing users to understand trends in text based communications first hand using semantic analysis. Groups inside governments, intelligence and law enforcement have adopted the product to manage the ever growing number of text communications sent out by citizens.

Designed to work within existing data warehouses and business intelligence systems Attensity Analyze sorts communications according to a positive/negative/conditional sentiment framework, using their patented linguistic parsing engine and highlights the trends. Attensity also offers optical character recognition for non-digitized forms of text communication and can also work with transcribed audio samples. Users can work in a batch or real-time mode depending on the level of communications being parsed at a given time.

Michelle DeHaaff, Chief Marketing Officer for Attensity Group, noted that the software can help government agencies understand the specific, “pain points,” citizens are facing when dealing with government services or programs. Law enforcement can also gain an idea of areas in their jurisdiction that may be worth watching for violent or unlawful activities.

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