Cities applaud jobs bill, urge more congressional action

The Senate passed a piece of legislation yesterday meant to spur job creation, receiving an extra vote of confidence from the National League of cities, providing this latest bill was a stepping stone towards more help for America’s cities and towns.

The Senate bill passed by a margin of 70-28, Wednesday, by providing a payroll tax credit worth $13 billion over ten years. The legislation is said to create nearly a quarter million jobs, according to predictions from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office. But fellow Senators and House members joined a chorus of others who warned against setting expectations too high and falling short of what is needed.

“Today’s action shows that parties in Washington can indeed work across the aisle to agree on ways to help restore prosperity in America’s cities and towns,” NLC President Ronald Loveridge, said in a statement following passage of the bill. “However, with the nation’s unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, more than 8 million jobs lost since the recession…we agree with Majority Leader Reid that more action and resources are necessary if we are to get America back to work.”

According to reports from Capitol Hill, some House Democrats have “scoffed at the $15 billion size of the bill,” pointing to a $154 billion version passed in December as a better way to help Main Street dig out from the recession. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “It’s not the last jobs bill,” fueling ideas that a similar jobs package can be passed in the house this week.

“We continue to encourage the House and Senate to move quickly to enact a broad jobs package that will do this,” Loveridge said.

“Inaction at the federal level could worsen the already difficult situation facing families and cities.”

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