Accenture updates Idaho’s benefits and eligibility system

Accenture has upgraded Idaho’s Benefit and Eligibility System (IBES), making it the most modern system in the country, according to the company. The upgrades replace the state’s 30 year old system which could no longer effectively manage new benefit requirements or administration.

The system is designed to allow updates as policy and operational requirements change and streamline the benefits interview process. The changes are expected to increase productivity, cut costs and ease the growing case management needs of the IBES staff. The system will also be able to keep pace with new developments by being technology and vendor agnostic.

“Idaho citizens relying on benefit programs will receive accurate benefits in a timely manner, and Idaho taxpayers are well served as this is the lowest cost implementation of an eligibility system in the U.S. in the last 20 years,” according to Russ Barron, Administrator of the Division of Welfare in Idaho’s Department of Health & Welfare.