IBM tapped for city-wide capital improvement projects in Chesapeake, Va.

chesapeake va.Chesapeake, Virginia is 353 square miles with more miles of deep water canals than any other city in the United States. In order to help manage commerce and public safety operations in this complex landscape, IBM has been chosen to deliver a wide array of intelligent systems, the company announced today.

Through the city’s Department of Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works and Public Utilities, Chesapeake is investing over $1.2 billion in capital improvement projects. IBM will implement its asset management software, Maximo, to provide work and inventory management, as well as maintenance and operations support to departments tasked with ensuring the stability of the city’s infrastructure.

The software and sensor systems will monitor infrastructure components including sewer collection and water distribution mains, traffic signals, as well as perform inventory management for police firearms, fire department tools and other city equipment.

Peter Wallace, Chesapeake’s chief information officer, said the decision was made to modernize the city’s asset management because staff needed a way to make quick decisions about the area’s infrastructure.

According to an IBM Institute for Business Value report, the digitization of data within a city’s core systems will enable city managers to collect data on the efficiency of processes that could not be previously measured, like wastewater treatment. This, in turn, will lead to more informed decision-making and planning from city leaders.

“Technology is the power tool of today,” Mr. Wallace said.  “We’re using IBM software to give staff the data and tools to continually improve processes, which is essential in this economy.

“The City of Chesapeake serves as a great example of how cities can take advantage of technology to provide citizens and businesses with a better, smarter place to live,” Bill Sawyer, vice president of operations for IBM Maximo software, added.

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