Mass. Health Connector extends partnership with Perot

Last week the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority extended their partnership with Perot Systems to further streamline enrollment and billing processing. An administration software solution hosted by Perot will increase customer service and make Health Connector more efficient, company and state officials said last week.

The Massachusetts Connector Authority was part of the landmark law passed by the Commonwealth in 2006, requiring that nearly every resident have health insurance. The law established an independent public authority, the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, which offers the subsidized coverage and facilitates the selection and purchase of private insurance plans by individuals and small businesses.

In order to facilitate this massive program, Massachusetts chose Perot Systems to operate the IT infrastructure and multi-lingual member-support call centers. Nearly 40,000 calls per month come into the call center, 40 percent of which pertain to questions about enrollment. The addition of Xcelys health plan administration software is expected to help residents get the next-level assistance they need to find and use Health Connector.

“Customer service is a critical element of healthcare reform,” Health Connector Chief Operating Officer Rosemarie Day, said in a statement. “To be successful, we cannot merely enroll members, but must be there for them when they need us the most.”

Health Connector provides coverage to nearly 200,000 residents in Massachusetts and every month, more than 60,000 invoices are pushed out using Perot’s systems. Over the summer, Perot Systems also began providing web support for the Health Connector’s main website and Choice sub-site in addition to the web support the company had already been providing the Care sub-site. Perot Systems Healthcare President Chuck Lyles said the new Xcelys software will help the online self-service tools and provide user-friendly access to enrollment information.

“In the three short years since Massachusetts first established the Health Connector, it has gone from having the sixth highest percentage of insured residents in the U.S. to being number one, and we are proud to be part of this innovative program,” Mr. Lyles said. “The Xcelys software solution will enable the Health Connector to more effectively help residents find, retain and pay for healthcare coverage, making the program more efficient both for the state and for the people it serves.”

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