ACS signs health IT deal with Wyoming

Affiliated Computer Services announced a deal with the state of Wyoming’s Department of Health (WDH). ACS will provide Medicaid recipients living in Wyoming with electronic health records (EHRs) and a Health Information Exchange (HIE) as part of the state’s Total Health Records program.

ACS will work with agencies and programs across WDH to deliver an interoperable system, which can communicate with Medicaid management information, Immunization, vital records, laboratories, and health management.

State Medicaid Agent Teri Green said the three-year, $4 million contract will transform the way care is delivered to recipients of EqualityCare, Wyoming’s Medicaid program, through a solution that “supports a full continuum of care.”

ACS has worked with the state of Wyoming for over fifteen years, providing Medicaid fiscal agent services, but this recent deal utilize the full potential of the company’s health IT arsenal, according to Christopher Deelsnyder, senior vice president and managing director of ACS Government Healthcare Solutions.

“ACS will help the Wyoming Department of Health achieve its goal of integrating client-centered and preventative care initiatives, using the fullest potential of health information technology to help automate and electronically manage each patient’s healthcare,” Mr. Deelsnyder said in a statement.

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