Woodland, Ca. signs deal with Tyler Technologies

Woodland, California is extending its relationship with Dallas-based Tyler Technologies by signing a deal to implement a new financial management solution, the company said yesterday.

Tyler Technologies will improve the city’s operating efficiencies by implementing financial, citizen service, human resource and timekeeping software applications. By enhancing budgetary compliance through its Eden financial and land management solutions, Tyler’s ERP and School Division president says Woodland will be more responsive and more accountable to its public.

“Helping cities like Woodland run more effectively and augment services to its citizens has become increasingly important in these economic conditions,” Tyler’s Richard E. Peterson, Jr. said. “We’re pleased to have been chosen to serve Woodland, and look forward to a successful relationship.”

The Eden solution also includes a Web extension that will enable 56,000 citizens to make payments to the city and access information online in a secure and streamlined system. And through the enterprise resource planning solution, Woodland will have built-in safeguards that promote policy and budgetary compliance, their current system doesn’t have, says Manuel Soto, technology services manager for the city of Woodland.

“Prior to investing in Tyler’s Eden software solutions, the city performed a comprehensive return on investment analysis that showed significant savings,” Mr. Soto said in a statement.

“Tyler’s ability to deliver technology that makes it possible for local governments to operate more efficiently is a reflection of our powerful solutions and our role as the leading provider of software and services for the public sector,” Mr. Peterson said. Tyler Technologies boasts a client base that includes more than 8,000 local government offices throughout all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

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