N.Y. Senate stalemate costing NYC ‘millions a day’

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issued a statement Wednesday regarding the fiscal ramifications of the Senate stalemate in Albany. And Wednesday also marked the first payday since he promised to withhold paychecks from all 62 State Senators.

“Today, I met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about the impasse in the State Senate,” Mr. DiNapoli said in a statement. “The situation in the Capital is costing the city millions a day.”

According to DiNapoli, deadline for the city’s sales tax authorization came and went June 30, and the resulting loss is projected at $60 million in city revenues for the month of July alone.

“But the impact of this impasse goes beyond the immediate fiscal ramifications. Every hour that ticks by without a resolution causes significant and potentially lasting damage to New York City’s budget plan,” Mr. DiNapoli continued.

The State Senator’s payroll amounts to around $190,000 every two weeks, and Mr. DiNapoli announced his intentions to seek a preliminary injunction in the Supreme Court will be heard this Friday morning, July 10. Additionally, the comptroller’s office continues to withhold payments for expense vouchers submitted by the Senate. One office spokesman tell the New York Daily News some $1.5 million in vouchers have been withheld thus far.

“As the state’s chief fiscal officer, and in the interest of New York taxpayers, I urge the Senate to resolve their differences now so it can act on legislation that municipalities are counting on to balance their budgets.”

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