Montana celebrates first month of transparency website

For anyone worried about how Montana’s new recovery website is doing, Governor Brian Schweitzer wants you to know that is a go.

Montana’s Recovery Act website just celebrated its first month of reporting its share of the Recovery Act stimulus dollars this week. In a statement, Gov. Schweitzer said, “Dollars are recycling through Montana’s economy and main streets to rebuild infrastructure, water and sewer projects, improve energy conservation in buildings, and train workers for the new economy.”

Funding for the website was passed by the Montana Legislature and signed by the Governor on May 15th, and at the request of the governor, agency reporting will go above and beyond federal requirements set by the Recovery Act.

“We are going to track every dollar,” Gov. Schweitzer said. “Every time you see a recovery sign it means we are putting Montanans to work reinvesting in our economy, improving efficiency, increasing public safety, and making a cleaner, healthier Montana.” includes county-by-county breakdowns of funding into eight categories as well as a state overview. The updated website also boasts an energy home improvement tax calculator where homeowners can see how much of a possible $1,500 federal tax credit and a $500 tax credit can come from home energy improvements.

Gov. Schweitzer calls it a “win-win for homeowners.” “You receive a tax credit and see long-term saving in your energy costs.”

To visit Montana’s updated recovery website, go to