Two states push technology initiatives in support of stimulus package

Delaware looks to make more contract information available to would-be vendors, California looks to zero in on vendors who have won state contracts.

Last week California announced the furthering of a transparency initiative launched to coincide with the goals and requirements of the Recovery Act.

Governor Schwarzenegger signed an executive order that will require all state contracts valued at $5,000 or more to be posted online. The new component to the Reporting Government Transparency Web site at will also showcase the most ambitious state agency audit efforts since the passage of the Recovery Act in January. The site will list both the internal and external audits of state departments and agencies, including information on operations, budget and programs, dating back to January 1, 2008.

“The people of California have a right to know what they are getting for their money,” said Governor Schwarzenegger in a statement. “In this time of deep recession, it is more critical than ever that state government operates efficiently and is accountable to the people.”

June 12 and June 19 represent the starting dates for summary information on all state contracts and audits. Contract information will date back to March 2009, meanwhile, internal financial, operational, compliance and performance audits done by state departments will be posted dating back to January 1, 2008.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) led by state CIO Teri Takai will facilitate the data gathering and organization efforts, as well as, the user interface at

“This is one more step to make state government more accountable and to give the people the power to know how their tax dollars are being spent.”

But California is not the only state to ramp up their tech efforts in support of the stimulus package. Last week, Delaware Governor Jack Markell announced new initiatives aimed at helping business compete for state work, though a bi-product of the measure will most certainly be more transparency.

Delaware’s new online portal, Bids.Delaware.Gov, will be the central repository for Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Information (RFI) bids and Invitation to Bid (ITB) solicitations. “This new one-stop site could bring more businesses and more bids to the table to help drive down costs on everyday items. It removes hurdles for businesses that want to partner with the state and gives everyone insight into what the state seeks to buy.” Gov. Markell said in a statement.

The portal represents stage one of a two-stage program aimed at centralizing statewide contract bid opportunities for local businesses, the governor said. A vendor notification system will also be launched by the end of summer to alert service subscribers to specific bid solicitations as soon as they are posted on the portal. “These tools will provide our business community with the resources they need to increase partnership with the State and help rebuild our economy one job at a time,” said Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Ann Visalli.