Staying ahead of the health IT curve

Perot Systems released a webcast Thursday focused on the health information technology industry, the stimulus package and Perot System’s emerging ambitions to expand their reputation as a thought leader in health care.

The webcast represents one in a host of key communication channels Perot Systems is working to tap in order to keep key stakeholders informed and prepared in this evolving market, says Chief Medical Officer Dr. Harry Greenspun.

“Perot Systems has taken a proactive, multi-channel approach to communicating the complexities of the stimulus legislation,” Dr. Greenspun said in an e-mail. Perot Systems and Dr. Greenspun have begun to initiate an extensive program of webinars, podcasts, publications, white papers, client visits, and regional round tables to keep clients and prospective clients knowledgeable as standards are set and legislation refined.

“We want to ensure our clients are updated about the dynamic healthcare IT environment and the evolving regulations and policies,” Dr. Greenspun said.

Also appearing in the webcast is John-David Lovelock, a research vice president specializing in technology and service providers, at Gartner. During the webcast, Mr. Lovelock spoke to the vastness of health IT in the stimulus package. Health IT, under the Recovery act, “affects everyone in the expanded value chain,” Mr. Locklove said. Including, “doctors, clinics, hospitals, retail locations, pharmacies, health insurers, and health information exchanges are all part of the value change and need to be sharing information.”

Particular importance to facilitating this kind of health information is dependent on interoperability.

“Interoperability is the basis for these organizations sharing information about the patients across the various care venues in a timely fashion so that we can reduce duplication of services, unneeded tests and preventable medical errors,” Mr. Lovelock said.

To address these and other issues facing the health IT industry, Perot Systems has developed a dedicated website at This website brings together briefings and viewpoints from industry analysts and company executives on issues such as funding mechanisms in the Recovery Act, clinician adoption and governance of electronic health records, and personal health information privacy.

Over the next few weeks, CivSource will be speaking with Perot Systems executives about their work at the state and local level, exploring the most pressing issues facing health information technology and service delivery today. CivSource will talk with Perot Systems concerning their work on the landmark Massachusetts Health Connector program, as well as officials leading Perot System’s health information security strategies in an age of cybercrimes and database breaches.

The story concerning the nearly $20 billion set aside for health information technology in the stimulus package is only just beginning. Making sure the opportunities for health care presented by the Recovery Act are not wasted, may be the biggest challenge of all.

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