CivSource announces 311 feature


CivSource is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature called, 311. 311 will bring your local governments to you, on your own time. CivSource will start the conversation by posting local government minutes and agendas from across the country, along with five main points highlighting key actions. The rest is up to you – the users.

“Our goal is to become a dynamic, user-driven source of information for cities and counties across the country. 311 will help ordinary people keep up-to-date on their communities and allow them to interact with fellow citizens and leaders,” said Jeffery Smith, Editor and Publisher of CivSource. “From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, CivSource’s 311 will allow community members to monitor, comment, and collaborate on what their leaders are doing like no other feature out there.”

With 311, the focus will be on what people are talking about at the local coffee shop, not just what’s going on at City Hall or Main Street.

“The gap between City Council and the neighborhood is closing.” Smith said. “If 311 is not covering your home town, city or county, let us know and we’ll begin working to deliver the most current information possible.”

CivSource will continue to add new features to give you more from our content. Our budding social community is already active on many of your favorite social media sites. CivSource is also looking for contributors, tips, and anyone interested in helping us get into the weeds of government data to increase transparency. Visit to join our conversation.

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